Do you know which customers you are losing today?

By targeting and identifying your customers, we automatically show you which customers your are about to lose and help you act in advance.

Our technology can process huge amounts of information to turn them into strategic intelligence.

Boost the ROI of your campaigns

You will be able to have information about: Customer targeting, automated management of sales behaviours and customer history.

Also, our solution will provide you an analysis of the campaings’ return, geo-analysis and CRM target management.

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Increase the number of active customers


Increase the ROI of each campaign and their IRR


Create an intelligence cycle when creating your marketing actions

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Stock Management

Plan your collection, manage new product introductions and your mix, balance stock between stores, create your promotions, etc.

Sales Management

Coaching for your managers and salesperson. Predictive analytics to pass on the commercial strategy to the POS.

Sales Force

With our B2B, MSS, you will manage the visits made by your sales representatives by giving them goals and suggestions for order proposals on our Retail App.

Visual Merchandising

Take control of the display at your stores creating zones to arrange each product inside the VM with one Tablet.