The new edge of Visual Merchandising

Analyticalways know the value of your displays

Veemer will help your sales force to manage the visibility of merchandise. Among other things, they can see all the store areas and furniture on their tablet and specify where each product is displayed.

Managing time

Thanks to Veemer, your salespersons will enjoy the task while creating a unique sales experience.

Veemer excellence is able to save time for the salesperson.

By using this solution, your team will find it easier to do its job, so they can work comfortably on what is really important: your customer.

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The most interesting


Improve the layout of your Visual Merchandising


Reduce Losses


Identify products that are not on display


Easier inventory

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Stock Management

Plan your collection, manage new product introductions and your mix, balance stock between stores, create your promotions, etc.

Sales Management

Coaching for your managers and salesperson. Predictive analytics to pass on the commercial strategy to the POS.

Sales Force

With our B2B, MSS, you will manage the visits made by your sales representatives by giving them goals and suggestions for order proposals on our Retail App.

CRM Analytics

Focus on the most efficient actions by measuring the results of your future marketing campaigns.